One of the most enjoyable and valuable VO workshops I've taken. Great group size, lots of mic time, very good characters/sides to work with. Krystal knew how to coach and push each individual based on where they are with their process. I left the studio feeling so positive about what I accomplished!

Esther Rogers

Krystal's enthusiasm and expertise shined through from the very start of the workshop, from warm-up games and exercises, to the fun improv-based activities worked right into the session. We got a great vertical slice of what the industry is like, from Krystal's current perspective and insight, with an actor-first approach to teaching.

Matthew Power

I thought the workshop would be WORK, it was SO MUCH FUN. Not only did I learn a lot, I made some amazing connections and new friends who are just like me. Krystal is such a great coach and really knows how to get me to try things out of my comfort zone.

Keegan, 10 years old

Krystal has been a joy to work with! Feeling comfortable with someone you send your child to is at the top of my priority list and Krystal has exceeded my expectations on every level. The location is so comfortable and inviting and it really gives the children a taste of what its like to be “on the job”. If your child is thinking about entering the voice world, I highly recommend a weekend with Krystal.

Keegan’s Mom

Wow, attending Krystal's workshop was so much fun and I learned a lot too. Krystal was so nice and helped me along as I was the youngest there. Now I have more confidence in delivering lines and letting my character shine through. Thank you Krystal.

Joshua, 8 years old (with a little writing help from his Mom)

Krystal was able to teach me so much in such a short period of time. She got me ‘in the zone’ so naturally, Krystal made me realize tones and textures to my voice that I had not known before. Now, I am more interested in voice work than ever and truly enjoying it. Thanks so much Krystal!

Malia, 12 years old

Krystal’s expertise and professional success make her an ideal teacher, coach and mentor. I noticed immediately a change in how my daughter uses and values her voice. Krystal made her feel comfortable and she learned so much! We will definitely be doing this again. Thanks Krystal!

Malia’s Mom, Liana

Krystal was amazing in helping me learn how to use my voice to it’s fullest. She taught me how to create and develop different characters and really learn how to take them off of the page and make them real. I had a lot of fun!!

Berkley Silverman

I would highly recommend this workshop! it was a great environment to learn. I learned about character development and character voices and I had so much fun!!

Anna Bartlam

Krystal’s workshop was amazing! I felt like I gained a lot of confidence in my work. The environment was truly welcoming and no one ever judged you. I learned about many ways to use my body and find places in my voice I didn’t know existed.

Julia Harris

Krystal, THANK YOU so much for such an informative and inspirational weekend. You are sooooo giving. I left with so many tools. This was, by far, the most informational and thoughtful voiceover workshop I have done. I very much look forward to diving into animation VO even more.

Rob Bird
Animation Classes


Ever wanted to be a cartoon?!  If you’ve got experience in VO or have some acting experience but are new to voice, this is the class for you!

You’ll be working with a super experienced animation voice actor over the course of a weekend. She’ll start you off on the first day with improv and theatre exercises that’ll stretch your comfort zone and anchor you in trusting your instincts. You’ll learn warm ups, mic technique, studio etiquette and how to prepare for auditions! Second day will concentrate on learning to create "wild sound" and characters that will jump right off the page and onto the screen!

Max 6 people.

$375 plus HST - We will provide light snacks and coffee or tea.

Our next Adult Workshop will take place the weekend of
Sunday September 15th - Sunday September 15th
Our following Adult Workshop will take place the weekend of
Saturday October 26th - Sunday October 27th
Our next Kid (7 - 12) Workshop will take place the weekend of
Saturday September 28th - Sunday September 29th

Click here to meet the instructor.

Please contact Krystal Meadows at to enroll and do it soon!

CANCELLATION POLICY: Since we keep our classes small, we ask that you give plenty of notice if you can no longer attend. We understand sometimes things come up, so if a class is cancelled less than 48 hours in advance, we will refund your payment by 50%. This is to ensure that the studio costs are still covered if we are unable to fill your spot last minute.