Caroly is a combination of helpfulness and challenge, which makes the best kind of teacher. Pushing me as a voice actor to go beyond my conventional safe choices and to not give up. If you're looking for someone who can instantly help identify where you need to go next in your career? Caroly's the one.

Julius Cho

I was completely blown away. The class itself was super fun and incredibly helpful but the one thing that sets this class apart from any other is Caroly herself. Her energy is infectious, her skills and advice are incomparable and she is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had – a true pro. I left the class happy, hopeful and on cloud 9. If you want to take your voice talent to the next level, there is simply no better person to learn from.

Natalie Antaya

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU! I have taken the time since your class to reflect, and I am actively practising as per your advice. I even have an improv class lined up....I am serious!!!!! I know you know this already, but hear me……… Caroly, you are one of the best communicators I have ever encountered. What a level of professionalism. I am blessed to have had your attention, time and expertise.

Cynthia Simpson

Just finished listening through the recording of this past Saturday’s voice acting class, and wanted to say thank you. Caroly has a real gift. Not only with her own voice skills, but with her people skills. She is terrific teacher and coaxed some moments out of me on Saturday that I am very proud of!

Scott Peterson

I am blown away by how kind, knowledgeable, succinct and hilarious Caroly was. She immediately spotted my weaknesses, taught me how to improve them and pushed my limits. A great day! Her class was an excellent move for my voice career.

Victoria Sullivan

I thought this class was such a great introduction to voice work with an equally technical and practical portion to the class. Really great as an introductory class and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of doing voice work whether they're actors or not!

Liana Bdewi

I didn't know exactly what I wanted out of the day. What I got was a new-found respect for people who do voice over work. All the work involved and most of all the ability to lean on your strengths. Strengths I now know I have because of this workshop. I left feeling uplifted and hopeful about what's next. I will definitely be returning for another "workout" soon!

Cheryl Poirier

I had the pleasure of taking an introductory course in voice work with Caroly. With excellent feedback from Caroly, I really felt like I learned a lot. If you have ever thought about voice work, or if you are just looking to expand your voice training, I would highly recommend taking this course.

Trevor Douglas

Saturday was great! I had a blast working with Caroly and feel like it really brought my voice technique to the next level. I recently landed a 1000 page narration gig. Armed with the know-how I learned taking the intermediate class, I delivered the first 100 pages and the client couldn't be happier!"

Greg Zajac

I was on cloud 9 after leaving this class. I remembered the notes I was given from the beginner class, applied them to this one and felt like I had been voice acting my whole life. The one on one feedback at the end of the session was greatly appreciated. Caroly is such a joy to work with and I would recommend her class to anyone!

Liana Bdewi

Caroly Larson is a fantastic teacher! She gave us some brilliant "tricks of the trade" regarding script analysis, industry expectations, and the important technical knowledge surrounding the use of the mic and headphones to suit our individual needs. Caroly is a true artist who takes her craft and thus her instrument very seriously. She has a great ear can precisely pick up on your strengths and weaknesses and give very honest and specific feedback. I highly recommend her!

Pip Dwyer

Each session was explained in detail. Everyone was made to feel that it was a safe place to be. Constructive suggestions were sensitive to the egos in the room. It left you with a feeling that "Hey, maybe I can do this!"

John Fielding

I've been telling people that it was one of the best beginners classes I've ever taken. It was incredibly informative.

Peter N. Bailey

I recently decided to get serious about doing voice work, so my agent recommended the Beginner's Voice Class as the perfect place to start. I found the class to be absolutely phenomenal and provided me with a much better understanding of the industry. Caroly was able to quickly pinpoint what we needed to work on and then help us find ways to improve. I honestly learned more in those few hours than I did in the full-semester voice class I took back in film school. I am very happy I took my agent's advice.

Michael Chan

Beginner Class

Our next class will take place on Saturday December 7th.

Ever wanted to find out if you're any good at voice work? Well, here's the class for you! It takes place in a professional recording studio and is taught by a top director/voice over performer. It covers everything from: terminology to mic technique; interpreting direction to developing your "ear". And on top of that, it's fun and challenging!

Min 4 people. Max 6.

$375 plus HST

Click here to meet the instructor.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Since we keep our classes small, we ask that you give plenty of notice if you can no longer attend. We understand sometimes things come up, so if a class is cancelled less than 48 hours in advance, we will refund your payment by 50%. This is to ensure that the studio costs are still covered if we are unable to fill your spot last minute.