Just wanted to let you know that I just booked a radio spot for whirlpool. It's crazy, the day after working with you, I submit an audition and get it right away. Hilarious!

Zach Fleming

The session was one of the most information-packed, productive hours of my life. You covered anything and everything, all while giving me very specific feedback right in studio. You could not pack more voice fun into an hour if you tried. Thank you.

Sarah Scheffler

Just wanted to say thank you for today - you're truly a great teacher and a really awesome person! I left feeling on top of the world and felt like I've made the right career choice... and having someone like you to help coach me along the way, gives me great confidence that I'll be doing great work and booking spots in no time =)

David Andrew Brent

Kim Hurdon is a skilled technician with remarkable insight. As a coach, her clear, concise notes have a laser-like precision that get right to the point. In one session, I was able to learn how I could develop the "natural" read being demanded by the current market.

Donald Burda

Kim is vivacious, knowledgeable, fun to work with and extremely astute. She identifies exactly what you need to further your work and articulates in a manner that's both constructive and clear. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone looking to upgrade their skills.

Becky Shrimpton

I've had two very rewarding one-hour coaching sessions with Kim Hurdon and I hope to have more in future. Kim's pulled out parts of my personality I really needed to access for better commercial reads. Kim was honest-to-the-bone about the path I need to take with my voice-work, and there's nothing I needed more. Kim knows her stuff, and you come away from her sessions feeling really good about what you've learned. Kim's great.

Peter Jaycock

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your honesty, your compassion and your ability to communicate clear direction. Your industry knowledge was very helpful in guiding me away from the familiarity of my read and into what the current trends are. Thank you!

Lisa Jai

Thanks for the great session yesterday. Your direction is always clear and easy to follow. I had so much fun and the variety of scripts gave me the kind of vocal workout that I wanted. I love being able to experiment with a wide range of characters and only concentrate on the sound. It's so freeing when I don't need to think about what it looks like!

Kirklynne Garrett

One on One

A note from our instructor, Caroly Larson:

Thank you for your interest in our one-on-one tutorials! Just before you sign up, I wanted to let you know what an 'optimal process' is with the training we offer.

Our Beginner Voice Class (which you will find on this same website) is excellent for anyone from completely inexperienced people all the way to professionals who need a refresher. It teaches so many fundamental tools for the industry and helps people maximize their voice potential so much, that they walk away extremely informed and enriched.

Later on, the one-on-one tutorial is ideal for honing the skills learned in the beginner class and getting personalized tweaking prior to having a demo produced and stepping into the world of voice with confidence.

I hope this helps you make your decision about the best way for you to zero in on your own voice-over potential!


We also offer a 1 hour private training session with our animation voice-over instructor, Krystal Meadows. Krystal is a professional voice actor with over 14 years’ experience in the biz and a Gemini* nomination. Her unique experience working as a voice direction assistant at animation records and casting sessions, as well as working as a record assist on a variety of animated series have given her valuable insights to what it takes to succeed as a voice actor. Work with Krystal and kick start your career to the next level! (This coaching session takes place in a professional recording studio with an audio engineer.)

(For actors with experience in theatre, on camera or improve, Krystal highly recommends you take the animation voice-over workshop as an introduction to animation VO first and save one-on-one coaching for fine tuning your skills.)

COST - $300 + HST

Please contact Steph at steph@khcasting.com or fill out the form to book a one-on-one session.