I swallowed hard and spent the money and no joke, I booked a radio spot off my demo within the next few months (No audition!! They just listened and chose!). The commercial literally paid for the demo (and then some! I think I bought some shoes I wanted too.)

Rebecca Kohler

I highly recommend working with Kim because a month after recording my demo, I booked my first ACTRA voice-over role with Kellogg's! Kim found my voice: and I know that she can find yours as well.

Blake Johnston

What I loved the most was she had watched my stand up routines and tried catering to my style with the script we were using for the recording. I thought that was so dope and it gave me the confidence to deliver in the recording booth!

Dave Merheje

My new demo has opened the doors to many new casting directors in the city. Thanks to Kim I'm auditioning tons and booking work!

Julia Flood


Are you looking for a voice demo to use as a calling card to break into the business?

Are you an established voice actor who would like an updated voice demo?

If so, contact Steph and she'll ask you questions by email regarding your acting background, voice experience, mic experience, what reads you feel are your best, and anything special that you may bring to the table.

You'll then come in to our professional recording studio where we'll provide you with commercial scripts that we've chosen or written specifically for you. WE DON'T EVER USE THE SAME SCRIPT TWICE! The rest is in the directing.

Our editing process usually takes a week or two, depending upon our schedule because we need a dedicated 4 hours (at least) to really concentrate on your awesomeness. Then you'll receive an mp3 so that you can send it to whomever you want via the internet.

PREREQUISITE: Unless you are an experienced voice-over performer, it is a pre-requisite to take either the class or the one-on-one prior to recording a demo.

Cost - $500 plus HST

If you book even one spot, it pays for itself! If you are interested in booking a session, please contact Steph at steph@khcasting.com or fill out the form to book a voice demo.

"I wish I had taken Caroly Larson’s Beginner Voice Workshop BEFORE I made my first voice demo.  I felt it gave me a great foundation and the tools I needed to walk into any audition or job with confidence.  She is wonderful and fun to work with and she shares an incredible amount of experience and technique in her class.  I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND DOING THIS CLASS or a ONE-ON-ONE  BEFORE recording a demo."


Demos are created and directed by our animation instructor, Krystal Meadows. This service is for actors who have an agent and some experience in voice-over or for actors who have previously taken the Animation Voice-Over workshop with Krystal.

I understand demos are a big investment for actors and they are one of the most important tools to getting you representation and/or opening doors to audition and work in animation voice-over. We have broken the demo process and cost into 2 parts and payments to make this more accessible.

You need a demo that showcases your strengths and range as a performer. You are involved in each step of your demo to be sure you love the characters and the text on the demo.

Part 1 – Demo Prep:

Collaboration Prep: You are involved in the writing process through improvising and giving detailed descriptions of characters that you feel are a strength for you and your abilities. We will focus on developing 5-6 characters for your demo.

1 hour, In Studio Demo Prep Session: this is where we take what’s been written specifically for you and we take it to the next level. We play with the text for each character, try different versions, make tweaks, add things, take away things and use improvisation to find the best text makes each of your characters pop. I want to make sure you really connect to the text and love it.

Cost of Demo Prep Session: $300 + HST

Part 2 – The Demo Record & Edit:

Everything we have done so far lays the groundwork for a little “magic” to happen at your demo record! Your job at the record is to relax and set yourself free to play spontaneously. Magic happens when you are so in the moment that you’re not thinking of what you’re doing and you surprise yourself!

We have 1 hour in the studio so you are able to do multiple takes of each of your 5-6 characters. Then selects will be chosen and within a week your demo will be edited together. We design our demo’s to be really tight to take the listener on fun ride through your range, averaging around 1 minute in length. The preference in the Toronto market is to have the actor’s performance carry the animation demo. Therefore, we don’t sweeten our animation demos with music or sound effects as they tend to distract from your performance. It’s all you, so you have got to bring it in your performance if you want to break into the biz and play at the same level as the pro’s!

For actors who need help with agent submission, I will guide you through this as well.

Cost of PART 2 – The Demo Record & Edit: $450 + HST


Our instructor, Krystal Meadows creates and directs Animation and Commercial Demo’s for Kids and Teens. These demos are shorter in length than the adult versions. Young actors are involved in the development of characters for the animation demo. You will receive your demo within a week of recording. For actors who need help with agent submissions, Krystal will guide you through this as well.

Demos are for actors with an agent or actors who have previously worked with Krystal, through private coaching or taken her Animation Voice-Over Workshop for Kids and Teens. Additional coaching may be required before kids/teens may be ready to record a demo.

Animation Voice-Over Demo for KIDS & TEENS:
30-minute studio record, 3 characters roughly 30-40 seconds in length

COST: $ 300 + HST

Commercial Voice-Over Demo for KIDS & TEENS:
1 commercial spot

COST: $250 + HST